Email Marketing that Works - Three Tips to Success

Is email a cornerstone of marketing for your business?  It should be.

Is email a cornerstone of marketing for your business?  It should be.

A lot of small business owners seem to struggle with how to succeed with email marketing.  Here are three tips for using your email marketing campaigns to help increase revenue.

Number One.  Make An Offer Your Customers Can’t Refuse
Giveaways are great, especially giveaways that don’t cost you anything yet help your customers with a problem or a need.  For example you may offer a free guide covering five main points that customers need to know before they buy.  Discounts are also useful to get people in the door.  These days a discount on a new service or a new item generally needs to be at least 20 percent to get someone’s attention.

Number Two.  Your Email Needs Compelling Headlines
Make your email headlines specific and timely – and include a call to action.  And test the headlines.  A great thing about email is there’s no cost other than time to split your campaign into two flights and test different headlines.  Then you can see which headline pulls more response. 

Number Three.  Ask for the Sale.
How many emails do you get that contain some information that’s nice to know but they don’t give you any clue about what they want you to do.  This is where the call to action gets serious.

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