Email is a super-efficient marketing channel that increases your visibility with your customers and prospects - more frequently and at lower costs 


The Facts

Email Is The #1 Activity Online - even more than search engine use.  It's #1 on mobile devices, too.

Customers Prefer Email - more than 70% say they'd rather get your messages on email than any other way.

High Conversion Rates - higher than other media.  Two-thirds have made a purchase after getting an email offer.

Higher Average Sales- at least three times more than other online media.

If They're Online They Use Email - in fact 92% of online adults use it.

No Printing & Postage - makes it more affordable to stay more visible more frequently.

We Do Email Right

Start To Finish Service - we do all the legwork for you from design to delivery.

We Turn Your Ideas Into Campaigns - just tell us what you have in mind and we'll develop it into a high visibility email strategy.

CAN-SPAM Compliance - we make sure your email campaigns are always in compliance with federal law prohibiting unsolicited email.

Email Capture - we set up ways for you to gather more emails for customers and prospects so you can increase your reach.

List Management - we manage all the details around list additions, bounces and unsubscribes.

You're Always In Control - we send you a draft of the email campaign for your review and approval before anyone else sees it.


Learn more about email marketing for your business.  Give us your contact info and we'll be in touch.  We work with small businesses almost exclusively and we always appreciate an opportunity to talk about affordable and effective marketing.  We'll also add you to the list for our monthly newsletter, Small Business Marketing Tips & Tricks, with information about email marketing, Facebook, other online tools and traditional marketing.  Let's talk!

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