A Milestone for Us - Our 10th Anniversary!

This month we celebrated our tenth anniversary in business as Due North Marketing Communications Inc.!

We're happy to have made it this far.  We incorporated in an economy that seemed as challenging as '08.  Actually it turned out to be a good strategy because as companies downsized they were happy to outsource.  Small businesses turned to small agencies who could keep costs down because of low overhead.

We discovered we loved the small business niche.  Entrepreneurs are great fun to work with.  They know they need some help and they also know they need someone with the expertise to advise them on what they need to do in marketing.

What we enjoy most is working with small business owners who have exactly that outlook.  That's where we can be most productive and helpful.

We're happy to bring our experience with large organizations to the small business arena.  Mom and pop shops may need those skills even more than those we've worked with who had budgets in the millions. 

We've opened up access for small businesses to the world of affordable Facebook services, online video that engages like nothing else, web sites that don't cost a bazillion dollars, email newsletters that save the cost of printing and postage and that can reach prospects wherever it's most convenient for them.  And on and on.

That's what our commitment to small business is all about - great service at a great  price with more than 40 years of professional expertise as a starting point.

Aren't we ever going to retire?  Not as long as we're having this much fun and feeling as appreciated as we do now.  We tried to retire once and we got bored.  We have traveled, vacationed and relaxed more than we ever imagined.  Plus we missed the work we love, which makes it seem not like work at all.

No, no hoopla around this anniversary.  We're saving that for the 25th.