Email Marketing For Leads

Image by rawpixel on unsplash.

Image by rawpixel on unsplash.

About 70 percent of marketers use email in promotions. Why do businesses like email marketing?  It’s a valuable channel for both lead generation and lead nurturing.

Email is one of the most powerful tools for engaging consumers and generating high levels of ROI.  But previous research has revealed a disconnect between how marketers view their email campaigns and how recipients perceive the messaging.  Just eight percent of consumers are “very satisfied” by the efforts.  That’s from an Adobe-commissioned study by Forrester released in June.

We focus on eliminating that disconnect by helping businesses zero in on consumers’ needs and interests.  We love email marketing.  We especially enjoy working with small business owners who need experienced professionals to make their email marketing work.

A dollar-saving bonus makes it great for small businesses.  Email marketing costs a lot less than many other marketing tools.  There's no printing and no postage, making it a low cost marketing bargain.