Email Marketing With A Newsletter


We're frequently surprised to find small business owners who have an email database of customers - and they're not using it.  Email newsletters are one of the fastest, easiest and most cost efficient ways of reaching your clientele with important product and service updates that they're likely eager to hear.

When it comes to receiving permission based marketing communications 77% of consumers said they prefer to get it through email.

Yes, you need to be creative about your email content.  Equally important if you really want your email to produce you need to spend at least as much time on the strategy behind the email.

Email is easy to use for split testing, or AB testing.  For example you can test the subject line – and most serious email marketers do.  Try subject line A and subject line B.  And keep testing to see what works best.  Don't stop there - you can test any number of elements in your email to determine if there's an offer that works better than others.

Choose your email platform with care.  Our experience is that some are much more straightforward to work with than others.  And if you're not using a platform that can be easily viewed on a mobile device you're missing out on 75 percent of your potential target.

Our clients who use email newsletters for marketing love it.  They like the direct channel to their customers, they like the quick turnaround from concept to delivery, and they like the fact that it's so much less costly and more immediate than surface mail.

Another advantage is that there are few barriers to entering the email marketing realm.  All you need is a good permission based email list and some great content about your products and services. 

And as long as you provide useful information and great offers you'd be surprised how frequently you can connect with your clients without wearing out your welcome.